Worldwide Missions

Worldwide Missions

The Scriptures are clear in their declaration of God’s worldwide redemptive purpose which He is accomplishing through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We consider it a privilege to participate in God’s worldwide mission through our support of various evangelists (missionaries) who are serving both nationally and internationally, and various mission efforts.


Missionaries we send:








Dan Powers — please click here for additional information 

We have the privilege to be the sending church for Dan Powers who ministers in Cambodia.  The ministry includes support and service in both the New Life Baptist Church of Cambodia and the Cambodian Children’s Home, among other ministry opportunities in Cambodia and throughout Southeast Asia.



Missionaries we support:

  • JJ Alderman Family
  • David Pickens Family
  • Nathan Pittman Family
  • William Lyons Family
  • Jim Rumsey Family
  • Jonathan Flowers Family
  • Steve Cerna Family
  • Don Dryden Family
  • Joyce Touchton
  • Judy Gearis
  • Flowers Family


Mission efforts we support:

  • New Life Baptist Church of Cambodia
  • Cambodian Children’s Home
  • Lighthouse Baptist Church
  • Trinity Baptist College
  • CLA (Christian Law Association