Worldwide Missions

The Scriptures are clear in their declaration of God’s worldwide redemptive purpose which He is accomplishing through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We consider it a privilege to participate in God’s worldwide mission through our support of various evangelists (missionaries) who are serving both nationally and internationally, and various evangelistic efforts.

Missionaries we support:

  • JJ Alderman Family
  • David Pickens Family
  • Nathan Pittman Family
  • William Lyons Family
  • Jim Rumsey Family
  • Jonathan Flowers Family
  • Steve Cerna Family
  • Don Dryden Family
  • Judy Gearis
  • Dirk Iricks Family

Mission efforts we support:

  • New Life Baptist Church of Cambodia
  • Cambodian Children’s Home
  • Lighthouse Baptist Church
  • Trinity Baptist College
  • National Center For Life and Liberty