Cambodian Children’s Home

  • Kids singing in church service.





Pilot and Siela Nhap, along with their three young sons, serve as the host family for the Cambodian Children’s Home.  They presently care for approximately 30 children and provide for their everyday needs.  These needs include: shelter, food, clothing, schooling, and spiritual care. Pilot personally understands and has a real burden for the “street kids” of Cambodia having been left alone, at an early age, to provide for himself and to care for his brother and sister on the streets of Cambodia. The mission of this home extends beyond the desire to meet the physical needs of these children.  Pilot and Seila are both committed to the evangelization of the “street kids” of Cambodia as they rescue them from the streets and minister to them spiritually, by teaching and training  them in the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is from this desire, the Nhap family formed W.O.R.D. ministry.  W.O.R.D. which stands for Widows Orphans Relief Development, is a developing and growing outreach to the hurting among the Cambodian people.


Please click here for W.O.R.D. information booklet.