Have You Cast Your Vote? Romans 1:16



Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”

While I intentionally refuse to engage in political rhetoric, I do not want to overlook the opportunity to use such a time as this to emphasize the power of the Gospel and hope of salvation, which is found only in the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

vote-blog-insertAs election day approaches in the U.S., millions will go to cast their vote for a presidential candidate.  As the mainstream parties become more polarized, there are many disheartened, many disappointed, many depressed, and many just outright angry people.  This comes as no surprise, when we consider the spiritual condition in which we find ourselves as a nation.  Yet, one of the reasons such disappointment exists, is in no doubt, due to the fact that so many professing believers, within our nation, have misplaced their trust and focus.  Many religious Americans view the elections as an opportunity for a so-called revival.  Yet, this so-called revival has nothing to do with the spiritual condition which truly exists; but rather is nothing more than a desire and hope for a national revival of morality.  While the lack of morality, and the continual loss of moral ground, grieves every follower of Jesus Christ, we must recognize this truth: morality is not equivalent to Christianity or spirituality. Even if there were a national revival of morality, this would not, in any way, change the spiritual darkness of the inhabitants of our nation.



Apart from salvation in Jesus Christ, the moral will perish just as the immoral and amoral will perish.  Although there is great cause for grief, as we witness our fellow countrymen continually run, with vigor, to their eternal demise; as believers in Jesus Christ, we must recognize the great opportunity God has given us as stewards of His Gospel, in such a time as this.  We must never forget this simple truth: the darker the night, the greater opportunity for the brightness of the light to penetrate the darkness. As children of the light, we are to allow the truth, grace, and love of our Lord to shine in the darkness of the world in which we live.  As Paul declared his confidence in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as God’s power unto salvation, so may we, with that same confidence, take this Gospel into a world of hopelessness.  Salvation is not in elections, politicians, governments, or religions. Salvation is in the Person of Jesus Christ alone!  Can you imagine the potential of the impact in our world, if believers in Jesus Christ were as passionate and committed to the Gospel as they seem to be to a politician or the outcome of an election?  It would be far greater to have a revival of passion and confidence in the Gospel, than it would to have a revival of morality within our nation.  For as Paul declared and lived out the truth of his confidence in the Gospel in the 1st century, may we, as believers in the 21st century, continue to place our trust in Christ, and live in confidence of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  While I will not negate my responsibility, as a citizen of the United States, to vote on election day, the truth remains that my true vote (support) lies with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For it is the Gospel alone that has the power to truly change the hearts of men.

-Pastor T